xCPPS is back from downtime! All accounts have been apparently wiped, so you will have to create a new account.

It also have some bugs.


rry folks, iCPPS is gone, along with ClubPenguinV. Here are the messages:
Dear Users,
iCPPS is over , and will not be returning *EVER.*.
We have enjoyed the ride, and would like to thank each and every user for the experience you have given the staff.
We won’t forget you.
We hope you have enjoyed also,
and to make it clear again,
We’re not coming back.
~The iCPPS Team
We have recently got a real C&D from Disney. We are dumping databases and server files. This site will be transformed into a Forum, dealing with Club Penguin Cheats and anything else. Stay tuned for more.
Well, looks like there are no private servers that are working at the moment.
Somebodys Gonna Make A New Private Server Coming Soon

PrivateCP — Updates

Yo! Riki Here

Private CP has made some updates. What we have improved is now:
Custom items
Custom rooms
An add all items command
All users can be a mascot
And much more!

The site is at: PrivateCP.com
You play at: play.PrivateCP.com
You register at: PrivateCP.com/register
The forums are at: http://privatecp.com/forums
The twitter is at: http://twitter.com/privatecp

Clubpenguin V IS BACK!!

I’ve got a quick little post for you. It seems that ClubpenguinV is currently the only working private server. Clubpenguin has recently updated and patched their loader, and CPV may be the only one up for awhile. As you can see, they were largely unaffected by the patch.

So if you’re looking to play on a private server, register at http://clubpenguinv.com/blog/register/ and play at http://clubpenguinv.com/play/. Have fun!
- Smith

iCPPS is Now the Official Private Server of iCP Cheats

We have decided to make iCPPS the official private server of iCP Cheats, and it will be the main private server in which we will be covering. iCPPS has a strong server, which means they have a GREAT uptime percentage, which means that their servers are online often. (more playing time!)
It also has a strong staff, and already 6000 users. I can see it becoming what iCPv3 was. They have support for both Windows AND Mac clients, so nobody is left out.
Register here: http://server.icpps.com/

PrivateCP New CPPS!

A new CPPS has emerged named “PrivateCP“! They have been working on getting new features, new commands and much more!
They do have a forum: http://forum.privatecp.com
They do have an IRC: http://privatecp.com/?page_id=13
It is also confirmed that they DO encrypt passwords. My close friends Snow, Jack, and Randy created this. They are very trusted.
PrivateCP just entered testing and they will be asking for 10 testers! If you want to be a tester please send an email to:
Along with the following information:
1.) Desired Username
2.) Second choice username if your first choice is taken.
3.) Computer operating system you use so he can send you the client!